A “Real” Good Time

Just the other day we had some lumber delivered to our home and being the kind of guy that I am, I quickly struck up a conversation with the delivery man. I asked my new friend, John, how the lumber delivery business was going and his answer made my day. John claimed that he couldn’t keep up, that they had him working day and night. Both John and myself agreed this was a very excellent news indeed.

Filming our latest commercial

Our television rep was in to visit and we got to talking about different things as we usually do. Side note: You see we got lucky with our rep. He has become our friend and advisor, he really gives us his time. Whether he really cares of not, I don’t know, I do know that he shows it and that’s all that matters. Taking care of business. Okay back to the story.. So our rep says that his station is fully booked with ads. That they are breaking records and activity  is at a 5 year high! This is fantastic news, fantastic for everyone!

Just last week I spoke with a painter we network with. Kevin is a great business person and the leads we have given him, he has taken care of right away. In our brief talks Kevin says he has never been busier this time of year, and he has never seen anything like it. This is absolutely wonderful news.. So now you start to wonder where this is taking you…

After all this great news my mind wanders to the men and women we have working here that are under 30ish, in fact, all men and women working anywhere under 30ish. Are they ready for the recovery? They’ve never seen truly prosperous times. They have lived through the horror of 9/11, two wars, and the worst economy since the Great Depression, nearly 100 years ago. What do they know about good times? Then a smile came across my face, of course they are ready.

Our social media team is under 30

They’ve been ready for several years now. Actually they were born ready because they are OUR children and grandchildren. They are going to rock this thing. All we have to do is stand back, guide when necessary, and watch. The recovery is going to be so much fun and rewarding to be a part of.  After eating on a bread and butter diet for most of this century, the steak and potatoes that we are about to gorge on will be that much better.

Especially for those under 30 who have never enjoyed “good times.” Better watch out this thing that we call an economy is about to take off and we have all new leaders at the front of the ship to guide the way. What a blast it shall be! Weeeeeeee….


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