Oh, I wouldn’t change a thing. Or would I?

When we say I wouldn’t change a thing, do we really mean it? Isn’t there just a bit of curiosity, a bit of wonder about how things might have been?

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to see what might have been? Without, of course, any ramifications to actually being able to see that uncharted road. Thinking about that possibility leads me to believe that knowing what could have been leads me straight to an eight by ten padded cell. This all directs me to the decisions and choices I am making today.. AH! Even writing this blog has changed everything about my future and though I know that, there is nothing I can do about it nor do I know the outcome. Hell, I could be discovered and be cast in the movie of my life all from this blog. That’s it! I am not moving from this chair ever again, but that changes everything too. If I could see an altered past or future, it doesn’t matter, I am still going nuts over this subject!

Usually my standard answer is always I wouldn’t change a thing, and honestly, I wouldn’t. BUT knowing that one look left instead of right could have changed it all. What if I had applied myself in school a bit more? Maybe getting one percent higher on a test could have meant that I would have gone on to be a sports broadcaster… Nah, I am good.

What if I had said no to some of those mind altering drugs as a teenager. They were fun, I think? This isn’t something we bring up at Christmas dinner but the first time I ever even spoke to my wife, the very first time she ever told me to get lost, I was so out of it that it’s a wonder life continued after that night. Before she drove off that night I informed her of the date we would be married. Believe it or not, that actual date years later ended up being the day we got married so what if I had never said those words. Now, if I hadn’t of been so blotto (for those who do not know blotto is slang for inebriated/tipsy/intoxicated/hammered) we would have never had that conversation. It really wasn’t much of a conversation just her telling me to get lost, I took it as she was diggin’ me.

What if I had not started a plumbing company in 1997? That one bends my mind like no other. In some future blog we will analyze that one. Yikes.

Fact is we all have these moments in time that with one move, one change of heart, our lives would be different. Is it meant to be? Is it all free will? Has it all been predestined? This blog isn’t here to debate all that and as you may have guessed by now, I am no where near smart enough to pick apart or answer those questions. So who knows, for now I get to sweep up dog hair due to a choice made some years back about getting a dog. Or was it the choice of purchasing the computer that we used to find the dog in the first place. Or maybe the choice was made for me when the dog kennel decided to breed the dogs that we had chosen to be part of our family?

Come visit me at the funny farm,only if you want, and we’ll talk all about it. You choose the time and day though, I am not about to.


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