Once Upon A Time.

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, I was cast in the role of a plumber. As the years fly by, trying to find that guy becomes rather tricky. He never seems to have the time to come out and play. And when the time comes that he does have the time to do something, something else seems to get in the way. I miss that guy. The filthy-clothes-after-a-hard-days-work guy. The “wife not letting him in the house until he strips his filthy clothes off” guy. The guy who seemed to jump right into a new project as soon as he got home. Where is that guy? Who is that guy? Sometimes I forget he even existed. The sands of time really do mellow one’s life.

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, I was cast in the role of a little boy. A little lad who frolicked through his neighborhood without a worry in the world, where did that guy go? Now, there is someone I haven’t seen for many, many years. One of the magical things about living in the same area your entire life is you get to visit your old haunts quite regularly. These visits can bring back all of the memories in one fell swoop. Sure at times it can be overwhelming, yet, usually it gives great joy to a persons day. When strolling up and down ol’ memory lane of someone’s life things can get extremely intense. You know, the questions, the insecurities that you had during that particular moment, the victories, the losses. Oh, we all have lots of losses. Long ago I read that all we have to do is win 51% of the time and we will be successful. WOW, that leaves lots of room to make your comebacks. We all are familiar with comebacks. Who doesn’t love a good comeback. Sometimes it just slips our mind.

It’s amazing really. The video of our lifetimes. We all have our own bestseller. Our own award winning productions. All of us are famous in our own stories, we all act a little bit don’t we? I acted like a little boy once, although that story is now old and seems to be in black and white, it’s still a classic in the mind of he who wrote the story. We forget about those lands far, far away.

SO much denim

Then I got to play the role of a lifetime, a husband and a father. Now that show has been running for 30 years now. That show has not won any awards but it still holds a great audience level and has given me much joy and lots of great adventures. Who needs awards anyway?

Now I have been asked to play this new character. You know the one.. One who plumbs no more. One who attends meetings, luncheons, and shakes lots of hands. One who encourages those he gets to spend his day with to be the best that they can be. One who watches his children carve out a living in this big, bad, beautiful world. It’s my most challenging role to date and I can’t wait to read the script. Oh what adventures we shall have. It’s no wonder we forget about all of those old characters. Who has the time? Yet it is the old characters who prepared us for the next role and the next scene. I finally understand why that little boy was smiling as he sat on the front porch with a broken left leg waiting to say hi to the mailman. That little boy knew that the adventures he would soon take would make up the story of his life. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that all of us have our very own grand once upon a time..


7 responses to “Once Upon A Time.

  1. As always Jeff you bring me to tears. I feel blessed to be apart of your plumbing family… Can’t wait for twenty years from now and to look at our Morgan Miller pics from 2012..

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