Chocolate Cake & Life

I have never been too hard to please. My favorite cake and will always be chocolate with chocolate icing. Nothing elaborate, nothing too fancy. Just deep, rich, moist chocolate cake with enough frosting to know it’s on there, but not so much that it takes away from the yumminess (yes, I said yumminess) of the cake itself. Strange thing now that I write all that down I can see how my life parallels that cake quite a bit. Not saying my life is anywhere near as delicious as chocolate cake, not that at all.

Chocolate cake is something everyone can relate to. It’s solid and can perform well in a pinch. You know exactly what you are getting with chocolate cake. It’s straight forward, to the point, you have few surprises and well, chocolate cake is very reliable. Chocolate cake is not as wacky as pineapple upside down cake or as strict as German chocolate cake. Not as strange as spongecake or as traditional as white wedding cake. Chocolate cake does not stand out like a strawberry cheesecake but it can certainly work a crowd and dominate a conversation if it needs to.

This Pinterest craze has created many new crafts and recipes for all to make and with that said.. Recently I had a slice of chocolate cake made with diet soda instead of eggs. It was interesting and fine, I will admit it was pretty good. I probably would have never known the difference had someone not told me. Yet I was informed and this made the experience seem phony, like a wannabe chocolate cake. Perhaps that is what makes chocolate cake to me, the ingredients. They are dependable and after all isn’t that what everything in life is about? Too much of this, too little of that and all of the sudden you’re delicious chocolate cake is no more. One false move can change the whole outcome.

OH, and who doesn’t like a warm, rich, moist slice of chocolate cake accompanied with an ice cold glass of milk? Now I mean come on, that is life. Or perhaps a small slice in the morning with a cup of java from, say, Costa Rica- YUM. Let’s not forget about the die hards and maybe a medium slice with a large glass of Adult Chocolate Milk. Now is a great time to give a shout out to the people or person who decided the cocoa bean was edible.

Can you imagine this world without chocolate? Seriously, no chocolate history what-so-ever. With all the confusion, all the turmoil and uncertainty in this world around us, can you imagine how grumpy some people would be? Or what kind of mood everyone would be in. Really, not something I want to ever imagine again. Yes indeed, life can simply be and is a piece of cake.


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