You Know Who You Are.

Do we ever really thank people enough? Not just the ones who help you all of the time but also those people who went out of their way to not help you. The anti-helps. You know who I am talking about. The ones who did everything in their power not to help you. Lets make a list of those and see if we have any anti-helpers in common, because I bet we all do.

You know the types, the “I’m going to cut you off on the highway no matter what you do” anti-helper. These folks are a strange breed indeed and lets give them a big thanks today for allowing me to remember how not to act towards others while driving a ton of moving parts at speeds our ancestors couldn’t have even dreamed about…

Or what about the “I’ve got the nastiest flu I’ve had in years yet I am still going to go to this show because I paid for it even though I am going to hack and sneeze my way through the whole event poisoning everyone” anti-helper. Pass the popcorn over here, Brother. Yummy. Lets give him a giant round of applause. Thanks for reminding us how easy it is to give away tickets and get some rest when we feel like we are dying from the flu.

And my favorite kind of all time, the ones that I thank every single day of my life. Sometimes I thank these people more than once a day. The “You will never make it, you might as well quit now because your idea is terrible and I would never do it that way if I were you” anti-helpers. Good thing those people are not me.

These types come and go all of the time and for me I really wish they would come around more often. Why? Because every time, every single time someone even gets close to talking to me this way things start to get better for me. I get more focused it seems. I become more determined than ever before to succeed to carve out my piece of the pie. To prove someone wrong is to me the closest thing to winning a Superbowl as I will ever get. So bring it on all you wreckless drivers, you selfish individuals, and you naysayers in the world around us all, bring it on. I shall use your lessons you give me wisely and shall smile broadly with each passing day knowing you came into my life for a purpose and I shall learn from you and more than anything I thank you.


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