Randomness-Morgan Miller Style.

“Peeps”: Who the heck decided it was okay to call each other peeps? Now, don’t get me wrong I have crazy words that I use all the time and if we want to call one another peeps that is fine by me. I just find it funny how fast some things change. Last time I called a group of people “peeps,” it was so uncool. I guess they thought of these, rightfully so..

Happy Holidays: When is the right time to start saying Happy Holidays? Thanksgiving was always my go to date to start the age old saying, but now that line seems blurred. So perhaps I will just start now, start a new trend.. Happy Holidays All!

BE NICE!: I have been practicing being nice to people during my day to day activities. Trust me, it is A LOT of work especially when you run across that one pompess *insert not so friendly word*. People do notice it and it is contagious.When I see the surprise in their eyes I catch myself smiling.

Baseball: Easily, longest sport year! It is almost that time again. I have held out on the sport after the 1994 strike and well since me not going to games has not affected the sport at all… I think I am going to attend a game this year.

Automobiles: Next time I start a business, this life or another, it is not going to be so dependent on the automobile.. Just saying.. 

BIG Clocks: Some may change their opinion on me after this.. but.. I absolutely love big clocks. Anything to do with time really. The excitement of knowing there is no stopping it is very appealing to me.

Ice Age: The tech age is so fascinating and moves so quickly, WAYYYY better than the ice age I always say.

Yellow Submarine: My favorite song is still “Yellow Submarine.” I can remember singing it with Lisa Johnston while swinging on her swingset in her backyard. Are you out there Lisa?? How are you? Hi, I’m doing fine!

Screw you, Cancer: Lately I shaved my head, along with the rest of my team at work, for another co-worker who was diagnosed with cancer. It was such a cool feeling to do something selfless. Really though, having no hair will save me money that way I can buy at least four extra drinks on my cruise. I feel extremely weird about writing that down… Cancer sucks.

It’s that time: My apple that I was snacking on has now turned brown, so that must mean I am done. Have a great day and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…..


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