Kansas City Dreamin…

After 35 years in the plumbing industry dreams of a new chapter jump into my thought waves with more regularity than ever before. I suppose this is only a natural occurrence, yet for me it is a new and sometimes unsettling world to be in. To be so close to turning the page is exciting and exhilarating. How will the transition feel? When will I know that I am officially ready? What is it all going to look like, feel like, or be like. Using the word retirement is not going to work, for that is a certainty.

Throughout my 20’s and 30’s retirement was definitely a goal I was set out to achieve, the sooner the better back then. Now in the 50’s the reality is that there is too much time on one’s hands to simply just stop. Sure 20-30 years ago when much more life existed in my body, the idea of retiring and playing around all day seemed like an exotic one. With a bit of age and wisdom in my eyes, I know that just sitting around watching the traffic go by would not hold my interest for very long at all. So what to do, what to do…

Certainly 35 years of doing one thing is enough time for anyone to feel as if perhaps something else to fill my days would be oh so tasty! Thoughts of volunteering my time sounds appealing, or driving people around who need assistance might be fun too (not saying that maybe I myself wouldn’t need assistance), or serving food to the homebound would be interesting. Something to make me feel as if I still matter would be a nice luxury to have. Yet, I do still have dreams. Fortunately there is a little nest egg to fall back on, and I know that is something to never take for granted because some don’t ever have that. So accumulating wealth in my next chapter is not a mandatory item. The wife has also worked for 35 years and claims that in 60 months she is ABSOLUTELY moving on to bigger and better things. We are constantly dreaming together as to how our next chapter will be written. Funny, when I started my plumbing career I had little choice as to what to do with my life, now I feel like a school kid with so many options. I don’t know which way to turn.

Maybe just staying with it is the answer. Put in another 10 or 20 years, why not what else am I going to do? No matter what direction is taken, there will be no wrong way. All have benefits from a lifetime of hard work. The dream right now is somehow fuzzy, but as the time goes on it becomes a little clearer each day. Circumstances may change, as things do happen but for right now selling flower patterned shirts somewhere in the Caribbean is the dream that has me pushing as hard as ever…

I can see it now…


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