Oh the women in my life.

Being aware of what makes us successful is very important. It allows us to concentrate on the positives in our daily lives which ultimately leads to more success. In my case it’s fairly simple to give credit to the women surrounding my life. The advise and criticism keeps me in perspective. Stopping me when I have gone too far, encouraging me when I need to keep going, motivating me when times get tough.

My wife of 30 million years comes to mind pretty quick when thinking about the most influential lady in my life (naturally, right?). She has stood by me throughout my entire working career, she is always there to help and support me without being judgemental. Listening to my father before he passed about not letting this one get away was probably the smartest thing I have ever done… Thanks for that, Dad! My beautiful best friend and wife, Kelly… 

Nearly 10 years ago another women stepped into my life (No, I don’t practice polygamy) and once again as luck would have it she has been with me through thick and thin from day one. She is our office controller, the base that holds all of us crazy plumbers up. She is never one to sugar coat anything. It is easy to see how our company would not exist without her expertise. My office wife, Stella.

Recently we hired a young women who is completing her communications degree and watching her go to work on our marketing efforts has been a thing of true joy. I can see that our company will always be strong with her fresh and innovative ideas flowing into our culture.

Top of my mind I can think of several other women who have kept me running long and strong. Concentrating about this subject has been very enlightening indeed and perhaps an exercise that each of us, men that is, can find helpful in our everyday lives.

Oh, before we close on this subject it would be remiss of me not to include my mother. I was one of the lucky ones there too. She fought for me like no other. Defended me right or wrong to the end. Believe me, there were just a FEW times when I was wrong, we both knew it, yet she still defended me as she liked to put it, “come hell or high water.” Although she left this world when I was a young lad, I’ve always had the sense that she was looking out for me. Perhaps she has been my moral compass throughout my days, perhaps by keeping her in my mind I have tried to make her proud? Who knows, either way when it all comes down to it I know this… Without the women in my life I would be toast. I’m glad, proud, and honored to admit that fact forever and always!


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