So much more than plumbing

The “plumbing” aspect of our job only makes up part of what we do.

First, of course, we must be great technicians but some are never able to master all the ingredients that it takes in becoming a true superstar in this industry. The list can be a long one!

For a little sample taste of what it takes to be a great technician:

Driving-sometimes 1000’s of miles a week

Organizing- keeping the vehicle clean and ready each and every day

Record Keeping- being able to make detailed lists of materials needed for hundreds of different applications, and detailed resolutions of what was done at a job site

Diplomacy- having to keep your calm when things don’t seem to be going your way on a specific day or at a particular time.

When an individual masters all of these items, and so much more, he or she can now be a superstar. There is a lot to think about and it is just so much more than plumbing. I have seen so few reach this level. My hat is off to you folks!


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