Scrape your Plate!

When your kitchen sink backs up during the holidays, our Morgan Miller techs have mixed emotions. Of course we want to help you, yet like you, we’d also love to be with our families at this time. It is in this vein that we write this message to you, trying to save you some trouble, money, and perhaps allowing us to finish a whole Thanksgiving dinner. Of course I’ve had some mighty fine turkey snacks at some of of our customer’s homes over the years, so if you need us, we’ll always be there. Our doors haven’t closed in 15 years and we aren’t starting now.

So here’s a no-brainer: keep a large kitchen trash can right next to your kitchen sink as you do your Thanksgiving dishes. Then simply scrape your pots, pans, trap and plates before they ever hit the water. Just because you have a garbage disposal, doesn’t mean you should be using it at every rinsing. If your pipes are old, putting food down your sink is especially damaging. Like a clogged artery, all it takes is a little bad stuff to block you up as bad as before. Using this strategy has saved our customers countless thousands over the years.

Perhaps we aren’t as busy as we could be during the holidays…but that’s because our customers are saving money, while our plumbers get to spend some much-needed time with family. Win-win….plus turkey!




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