The “I need a new job” gauge

How often do you avoid the inevitable obstacles of the working life, lying in bed, hoping to never face another day? Once a year? A week? month? How about every day?

If it’s once a day, it’s safe to say you must bail ASAP. You probably don’t need me to tell you this. Even if it’s once a week, you’re in danger of being a real bummer in both your personal and professional lives. Remember, there are only approximately 21 work days each month, so if you are hesitating two times a month to “go get em”, that translates to 10% misery.

At once a year, you’re in the right place, and more likely professionally and personally content. Keep a personal tally of your own “I don’t wanna”s in the morning each month. Waking life’s too short to spend 10% of it not wanting to function.




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