Small World Moment

Well would you believe it…today was go to school day. A small seminar on selling was the subject and I’m of the belief that one should never lose the quest for learning. Besides, it sometimes turns into a great networking opportunity. So off to school I go fighting the urge to not sit in the back row as I may have many years ago. Picking the middle isle, I’m about to sit down when, low and behold, a face from the past pops in front of me: we’re talking 45 yrs in the past. Oh my my. Jim Hamilton is about to sit right next to me as we used to back in grade school together. I was flabbergasted and honored. One of those great moments only those who have lived in the same town all their lives get to enjoy. I’ve seen Jim maybe three times since high school, and now here we are, sitting in class again. As we sat there listening to the speakers I couldn’t help but feel like shooting spitballs at the girls in front of us. That’s when it struck me that perhaps if Jim and myself would of paid a bit more attention in class way back when perhaps just perhaps……..naw. Things worked out just the way they were supposed some 45 years ago. Oh about that networking opportunity: Jim and myself have already started a new business relationship too. As they say, “small world”.


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