Water is Power

One of the most underrated, taken-for-granted “basic” inventions must be indoor plumbing. Along with the printing press and electricity,  plumbing is consistently ranked one of the greatest inventions of all time. Yet most would laugh at this fact.

Along with the invention of penicillin, indoor plumbing is also given the distinction of being the most life-saving invention in human history, and given accessibility, is often ranked more beneficial to human health than vaccines. Though figures are unknown, millions died of cholera and dysentery without plumbing, and continue to do so today.

So what’s the point? We get calls every day from irate customers who don’t expect to pay over $10 for their service work. This not only shows naivete & excessive frugality, but more importantly, privilege. A running faucet, toilet, shower, is expected by most,  and for some, around the cost of some songs on iTunes. Our point is what’s called a “basic service” here is a life-saving luxury most places in the world. If nothing else, at least appreciate your privelege.

Now go take the greatest shower in your life.



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