The slow-closing toilet seat: as close to real magic as possible for humans.

Recently, we purchased a new seat for our toilets, and our quality of life has improved dramatically. Laugh, but that’s no exaggeration. Lets talk:

It’s late at night, perhaps early morning, and you need to do your business. In the darkness, you stumble to the bathroom quietly. After your business, you go to close the lid and it slips from your grasp: BANG, it slams against the porcelain. Your partner’s now jarred from sleep, and the morning may as well start.

Or the worse hypothetical…when the male forgets to set the seat back down. No need to go into details.

Odd as it may be, people think about this issue frequently. So often, these annoyances can finally be solved: with a slow-closing toilet seat. With the touch of a finger, the seat slowly comes to a closed position quietly. No more reaching down to make sure it closes without slamming. So much easier to always close, because of its ease of operation. No more bothers for men or women. One less thing that could go wrong in your life.

Oh yes, slow-closing toilet seats are the only way to go!



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