Maintaining a Strong Foundation (literally)


Keep your sump pump from working overtime next fall by protecting your home today. It’s a common trade secret that prevention costs you less as a consumer than waiting for an emergency to call.

When the summer heat comes, the dirt around your foundation has a tendancy to contract, thus pulling away from the walls of your foundation. After the fall rains come, it’s that much easier for water to get between your home and the existing dirt. Some of that water will eventually make its way under your basement or lower level floor, and to your existing sump pump.

Weak foundation
(Didn’t check their foundation annually)

A good strategy is walking around your home’s foundation from time to time, especially during the hot dry months. If you see dirt pulling away, grab your garden hose and soak the dirt until you can push the dirt back up aginst your foundation. Not only will this help your sump pump last longer, but your foundation depends on that dirt to keep it stable too.

Other tips concerning the dirt around your foundation? If you notice dirt falling towards your home, add some dirt or landscape to encourage water from draining away from your home. For those of you who have exposed foundation walls, and if you can see the paint lines are well above the dirt, it’s time to backfill: it’s a sign your existing dirt has settled too much. Protect your foundation, sump pump, and other valuables. In this business, preventative work will almost always cost you less than emergency work.


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