How bout being able to replace your entire existing sewer without digging up your entire yard? It’s possible now, and in our never-ending quest to bring the newest plumbing technologies, we’re now able to do it!

This tech will not only save your yard, but how bout a front porch or stoop? Flowers and shrubs? And most importantly, your sanity. Knowing your yard isn’t going to look like a war zone will save grief for everyone involved. Nothing ever hurt us worse than to be completed with replacing a sewer or water line and having mud and dirt everywhere. It just never seemed right. Now those days are over. This technology, called trenchless technology, is now available and our customers simply love it. It’s much saer for all concerned as workers are only exposed to a small opening, not an entire trench in a yard. A small example of how this works is on our website, in the “Going Green” section: You can also check it out at Tric’s website:

Or you can always call us for one-on-one information..we’re 816-765-4843 in Missouri, 913-642-8440 in Kansas.

Have a delicious weekend!


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