Guaranteed best?

When is it too much to believe? A plumbing company boasts they’re “the cleanest plumber in town”. Really?

A plumbing company says you can trust us with your keys. Really? They better, don’t you think? No, lets call the company we can’t trust.

A plumbing company claims to be the best in town. And how is that exactly? Was there a contest we weren’t privy to?

A plumbing company says they will be on time, everytime, guaranteed. Do they really think it’s going to be on them? No.

When it’s time to make the call, ask family, a trusted friend; use who you are comfortable with for your plumbing repairs.

But how about this? We’ll do our very best each and every day and we will stand behind everything we say and do. Not very flashy, yet it’s the truth. Be wary of outlandish and improbable promises, always.


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